Minions combo 17X17X15 Orig:$270

Minions combo 17X17X15 Orig:$270

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 Actual Size: Length:17'0"Width:17'0" Heigh:15'0"

Age Group: 2 to 5 Years Old 10 Kids at a time, 6 to 12 Years Old 8 Kids at a time, 13 to 18 Years Old 5 at a time.

Setup Area: Length:21'0"Width:21'0" Heigh:20'0"

This incredible 5-in-1 inflatable takes the adorable minions theme to a new level of joy and excitement. With its vibrant combination of blue and yellow, it is the perfect option to immerse yourself in the magic of these beloved characters.
Imagine an inflatable that captures the playful and mischievous essence of minions. From the moment you see him, you'll be greeted by the big, expressive eyes, monocles, and infectious smiles that make these characters so beloved by everyone. Bright blue and vibrant yellow combine to create a visual spectacle that instantly lifts your spirits.
Kids can immerse themselves in a world of laughter as they jump and bounce inside this inflatable designed with minions in mind. The fun shapes and authentic details will make little ones feel like they're on their minion adventure.
Quality and safety are essential. Made from durable and safe materials, this inflatable provides a reliable play environment for children. Reinforced seams and thoughtful design ensure hours of worry-free fun for parents.

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